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2017 CCM Pro Goalie Mask

Our Rating: 5/5

Availability: July 21, 2017

2017 CCM Pro Goalie Mask

Inspired by the Lefevre family Pro mask, the second generation CCM Pro goalie mask combines an authentic Lefevre design with new technology for top performance. The molded profile of the mask allows your face sit close to the cage for great peripheral vision.

2017 CCM Pro Goalie Mask


The second generation CCM Pro is constructed with a new lightweight Carbon-Tek Prolite shell. Carbon-Tek’s density and strength allows CCM to make the shell thinner than the previous model; therefore, the carbon is stronger and lighter than the previous CCM Pro mask.

2017 CCM Pro Goalie Mask


A big enhancement to the CCM Pro is the liner of the mask, featuring D3O® Technology. D3O foam is the first layer of foam liner, lining the crown and temples, to immediately absorb the transferring energy from impacts.

What I like the most about the CCM Pro mask is the minimal use of foam. Unlike its competitors, the Pro mask uses a thinner, triple density VN foam that takes up less volume in the shell. If you were to look at the masks of your favourite NHL pros, their masks only have foam in the necessary areas—the Pro is similar in design.

Also, the triple density VN foam helps properly position your face in the mask, bringing your face closer to the cage for better peripheral vision.

2017 CCM Pro Goalie Mask

Chin Cup

Like last year, the mask comes with a pro dual-density foam chin cup, which is very soft and comfortable.

The previous generation Pro mask has a Velcro adjustment system underneath the cheek liner. To make adjusting the chin cup easier, CCM moved to the common Velcro adjustments attaching at the bottom of the chin cup.

2017 CCM Pro Goalie Mask


The CCM Pro features a new optimized peripheral vision cage design. Using a stainless steel straight bar design, your vision—when looking straight ahead or down at the ice—has never been clearer.

The angled cage works in unison with the molded profile of the mask, allowing your face to be as close to the cage as necessary, without sacrificing protection.

Unfortunately, due to Health Canada regulations, non-certified cages cannot be purchased within Canada.


The CCM Pro goal mask comes in four Senior sizes—small, medium, large, X-large—to ensure that you can find the best fit. Based on shell structure, the Pro has lots of depth, from forehead to back plate, which ensures that the back of your head doesn’t force the back plate beyond the shell.

2017 CCM Pro Goalie Mask

Concluding Thoughts

The new CCM Pro mask is the sum of new era technology and a classic design. The iconic look of the Lefevre mask makes it stand out on our shelf, but more so on the ice. Combine that with a Carbon-Tek shell, D3O® technology and optimized vision, you have a mask that is ready to take on the toughest of competition. Barring it fits your head shape, the CCM Pro is very comfortable and its sightlines are easily the best on the market.

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