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Bauer 2S Pro Blocker & Trapper Review

Our Rating: 5/5

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Written by: Christian Plain

Bauer 2S Pro Blocker and Trapper

In 2016, Bauer released the highly anticipated Supreme 1S series. While the leg pads were the main attraction of the series, Bauer made a great improvement to their Supreme blocker and trapper. We got our hands on the Supreme 2S blocker and trapper, so here’s the low-down.

Bauer 2S Pro Blocker

Bauer 2S Pro Blocker

Like previous Supreme blockers, the Supreme 2S blocker is much the same. It’s not easy to get excited about a blocker…let’s be real…but it performs the way you need it to. The polyurethane skin and lightweight design of the blocker makes it easy to maneuver and make controlled saves.

Bauer 2S Pro Blocker

The best part of the Supreme blocker is how square it is – all holes sealed when you drop to the butterfly, minimizing the chances of weak goals squeaking through. The Curv composite in the blocker makes each save sound like a drum beat. If the arena has some decent acoustics, everyone’s going to hear your saves.

Bauer 2S Pro Blocker

The AX-SUDE QUATTRO palm is super comfortable, plain and simple. Inside the palm, Bauer uses their signature 37.5 technology to keep the palm dry throughout the game. XRD foam reinforces the finger protection, keeping your hand safe and sound. To top it off, the Free Flex cuff gives you a large range of motion.

Bauer 2S Pro Blocker Palm

Bauer 2S Pro Catcher

Bauer 2S Pro Trapper

Before the Supreme 1S catcher, Bauer had gone through a period of sub-optimal Supreme catchers. Just being honest. Personally, I found them hard to close and I know I’m not alone on that. The Supreme 2S builds on the improvements made with by the 1S.

Bauer 2S Pro trapper

Though it doesn’t look like it by design, the Supreme 2S trapper closes like a 75-degree break (index finger to mid-thumb) angle. I’m a big fan of this design because it gives the goalie more leverage, making it easier to close the glove.

Bauer 2S Pro Trapper Pocket

The most notable change is the double-tee pocket comes as a stock feature. The two gains you get with the double-tee: greater puck retention, and better vision when watching the puck into the pocket. Gotta keep your eyes on the puck.

In terms of protection, the 2S catcher uses a combination of XRD foam and Curv composite. XRD foam is used in the palm, giving the trapper a game-ready feel with solid protection. The perimeter of the trapper then features Curv composite. Curv composite improves the overall structural integrity of the trapper, not to mention the solid protection for your fingers.

Bauer 2S Pro Trapper Internals

On the inside, the 2S catcher is all business. Along with the Nash liner, Bauer – to no surprise – mixes in their 37.5 Technology. Like I said with the blocker, 37.5 is great to keep the glove dry. A dry palm can be underrated, sometimes. It’s important to Bauer.

Bauer 2S Pro Trapper Cuff

Pair the always dry, lightweight design with the Free-Flex cuff, there won’t be a save you can’t make with the Supreme 2S trapper.

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Bauer 2S Pro Trapper

Bauer 2S Pro Gallery

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