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Bauer Supreme 2S Leg Pads Review

Our Rating: 5/5

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Written by: Christian Plain

Bauer 2S Pro Leg Pads

In 2016, Bauer turned their concept OD1N goalie leg pads into a reality, with the Supreme 1S series. Spring of 2018 will bring us the second generation: Bauer Supreme 2S. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the 2S leg pads, trapper and blocker prior to release. After some note taking, here’s what’s to come with Bauer’s latest Supreme leg pads!

Bauer 2S Pro Leg Pads


To make sure you’re up to speed, here’s the low-down on OD1N.

In 2011, Bauer made extra contributions to their Research & Development teams. Each department – goal, player skates, etc. – got a share of the funding. Each team was advised to develop the most innovative equipment, totally disregarding economic barriers and market trends. The three best ideas were then showcased by Bauer, much like a concept car at a car show. One of the winning ideas was the OD1N leg pads. These leg pads were a machine-made, extreme lightweight leg pad.

Bauer 2S Pro Leg Pad

C.O.R.TECHST Skin Technology

Bauer 2S Pro Cortech

A major component to the original Supreme 1S OD1N leg pads was the C.O.R.TECH Skin; C.O.R.TECH is short for Coefficient of Restitution Technology. A coefficient is a constant quantity placed before and multiplies a variable (1n | 1 = coefficient, n = variable). Restitution is the rate an object returns to its original shape/position. Thus, coefficient of restitution refers to the increased rate an object returns to its original shape. The faster a leg pad recovers to original shape, the harder the rebound.

C.O.R.TECH skin is a one-piece pad construction that is formed by molding the cover of the pad, instead of sewing. Comprised of multiple layers – cross-linked polyethylene foam, lycra-spandex, poly-urethane, digital print graphic and clear coat – the C.O.R.TECH skin provides more consistency and drastically reduces the weight of the pad.

The Supreme 2S’ C.O.R.TECHST (ST = Super Tough) skin improves on some durability issues we saw on the previous model, as the skin is thicker.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Leg Pad

One of our staff was fortunate enough to use the new Supreme 2S leg pads on the ice, and they reported to me that the sliding of the pad is incredible. Effortless butterfly slides should be expected, with the molded construction of the C.O.R.TECHST skin.


The Supreme 2S pads feature Bauer’s new POWERLITE core. The POWERLITE core is designed to be stiffer than the Supreme 1S’ core. One thing I noticed is the core of the 1S pads softened up. Though I preferred this – a slightly softer 1S pad – it is intended to remain a stiff pad throughout its lifetime. The POWERLITE core’s improved stiffness will retain its structure for a longer period of time.

Bauer 2S Pro Leg Pad

Also, based on some quick math I did, the 2S pads are roughly 5% lighter than the 1S. Sure, it’s not a drastic number, but the 1S pads were really light to begin with.

Knee Cradle

Bauer 2S Pro Leg Pad Knee Cradle

A vast improvement to the Supreme leg pad is the knee cradle. While I loved playing in the 1S pads, I did think the pads would benefit from a stiffer knee stack. Bauer addresses this with the 2S pads, by lacing in the knee stack. Lacing in the knee stack reduces how much the stack can move, leading to more stability in your butterfly.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Leg Pads

Another change for the knee stack is the material used. Bauer switched to their Quattro Nash material for the knee stack, as a lightweight substitute that provides some grip.


As much of a success the 1S series was, there were still some areas to improve on.

Thigh Rise & Top Welting

Bauer 2S Pro Leg Pad Thigh Rise

The Supreme 2S takes from the Vapor 1X here. It was evident that Bauer modelled a running-change for the 1S leg pads based on the Vapor 1X’s. The original, square top binding of the 1S leg pad was bit problematic; when the 1X was released, Bauer immediately started producing the 1S leg pads with the same tapered thigh rise as the 1X.

The tapered thigh rise/top welting is carried over to the 2S leg pads. I just want to clarify, this is not to highlight mistakes, but to acknowledge legitimate improvements to equipment.

Calf Plate Assembly

Bauer 2S Pro Leg Pads

Bauer changes up the calf plate assembly on the Supreme leg pads by attaching the calf plate (landing surface) right to the inside edge of the pad. To compare, the 1S pads had a recessed calf plate. The 2S design promotes a full seal on the ice.

What is most noticeable about the calf plate is how stiff it is. Since it’s laced in, it is very rigid and will contribute to more consistent landing and sliding.

Calf Wrap

Bauer 2S Pro Leg Pads Calf Strap

A minor issue I noticed with the original Supreme 1S leg pads is the calf wrap would get caught on my skate. To combat this issue, Bauer extended the calf wrap to cover the quarter package of the skate.

Final Thoughts

With goalie equipment exponentially advancing in design and methods, Bauer confidently leads the pack. What I appreciate about Bauer’s approach to their new Supreme and Vapor equipment is that they’re taking chances. They successfully landed on their feet, and now they’re off to the races with the Supreme 2S leg pads.

Aside from structural/material improvements made to the pads, my favourite change is the new calf plate and landing area. When I first tried out the Vapor 1X pads, I thought the stability and sliding surface was better than the Supreme 1S’s. Seeing as Bauer improved the 2S’s landing surface, I guess I was right? A far more secure knee stack and a stiffer calf plate makes for a more complete leg pad. Sure, the core of the pad is the key feature of the OD1N, but the dialed in supporting features bring it all together.

One of the areas not highlighted in this review is the Custom Rotation System (CRS), simply because it hasn’t changed from the 1S. However, I find the CRS strapping is the best Velcro strapping set-up on the market. While it may be a bit confusing to figure out at the start, it’s super comfortable and keeps the pad in place.

Bauer 2S Leg Pads

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Bauer 2S Pro Leg Pads

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