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Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goal Stick Review

Our Rating: 5/5

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By: Samuel Gotowiec

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goal Stick

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro goal stick is this year's flagship model from the Supreme lineup. Every season, composite sticks continue to gain traction with goalies at every level. Bauer has been a leader in composite stick innovation for years now. With the 2S Pro stick, they've introduced a fresh look at paddle construction. After months of hearing rumours about this stick, it was exciting to get my hands on it and do some on-ice testing.

Lightest Goal Stick on the Market

Anybody picking up the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro goal stick will question what they're holding. Goal sticks usually aren't this light. The impressive balance of the stick makes it feel like nothing is in your hands. How do you make one of the lightest sticks on the market even lighter? Design better. Cut out unnecessary material.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goal Stick

ERGO SPINE Paddle Construction

Bauer cut extra weight from the stick using the unique Ergo Spine geometry on the back of the paddle. What does this mean? Bauer took the back shell of the paddle and completely removed it then lined the core with composite. Check this out:

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goal Stick

Previous paddle constructions used extra air-channelled composites surrounding the core. The front-facing paddle shell is essential to deflect pucks, but the back shell does not need a flat face. Redesigning the paddle shape allowed Bauer to reduce weight without sacrificing durability.

I know what you’re all thinking. The paddle is so thin, how can it hold up to pucks. Bauer reinforced the paddle edge by increasing the number of 12K carbon layers. Durability will be maintained on the edge of the paddle.

TeXtreme® Carbon Composite

How light is the 2S Pro? 625 grams. The 2S Pro rivals the weight of some player sticks and becomes the lightest goal stick on the market. Besides Ergo Spine, Bauer also achieves their record weight by using TeXtreme technology.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goal Stick

TeXtreme is an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre that is 20% stronger than conventional carbon. It is a proven staple in all Bauer high-end sticks. Not only stronger, the TeXtreme technology is 10% lighter than traditional carbon materials.

On-ice First Impressions

During early on-ice testing the 2S Pro, I wanted to compare it to the 1S that I have had in the past. The way the 2S Pro felt in my hands was awesome. I loved the 1S and have used it for two seasons now. It was hard to imagine a lighter stick, so the 2S Pro impressed me right off the bat.

When facing shots, I was able to get my blocker into position faster to make saves. My job is to make saves, so I can use all the help I can get. It was also impressive how much the reduced weight helped with my passing and handling. I could maneuver the puck with ease and firing passes was a breeze.

Improved Shaft Durability

A lightweight stick needs to be durable, so Bauer addressed this by beefing up certain areas of the stick. One of the most common areas of breakage for goal sticks is the shaft. The shaft is also one of the most neglected areas in design on the goal stick. One of the reasons why shafts break is the use of mid-grade carbon materials. Taking after the player stick world, Bauer utilizes a full 12K Carbon shaft on the 2S Pro. To identify areas that use the 12K carbon, look for the checkerboard effect. You can spot the 12K carbon on the blade with ease.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goal Stick

This unique carbon weave creates a lighter, yet more durable shaft. Having broken many sticks in the past, the revised construction was a welcome addition. From a performance standpoint, the 12K carbon gives the right blend of rigidity and whip to the stick. When playing the puck, it pops like a high-end player stick.

Lively, Responsive Blade

One of the most popular areas of the 1S stick was the lively, consistent blade. The Supreme 2S Pro keeps the same Aero Foam 3 blade construction as the Supreme 1S. Aero Foam 3 is a lightweight foam core blade makeup that offers excellent puck feel. To keep the blade responsive and lively, Bauer wrapped the blade with TeXtreme. Exceptional puck feel, and responsiveness was evident during my testing.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goal Stick Control Zone with GRIPTAC

Another carryover feature from the 1S that we love is the control zone with GripTac on the shoulder of the paddle. Losing control of the stick is never a fun feeling, so the extra grip helps keep the stick secure in your hand. The grip is textured as well to help lock in.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goal Stick

Final Thoughts

The composite stick world is changing fast. The foam core vs. composite debate will continue to rage on for years. But for those that have made the switch, the 2S Pro is a terrific option. Only time will tell if the Ergo Spine design will catch on and become a staple. For the time being, I'm more than happy to jump on board and give it a go.

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