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Bauer Supreme Goal Sticks Review

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Bauer continues their successful Supreme composite goal stick lineup, with the introduction of the Supreme 1S, S190, S170 and S150 sticks. At all four levels, the Supreme line looks to provide goalies at any level with the best possible goal stick. I’m going to highlight the key features of the high-end Supreme 1S, followed by my thoughts on each stick and which goalies they suit.

Bauer Supreme 1S  Goal Sticks

Reign Supreme with the 1S

Weighing in at an astounding 680 grams (26” paddle), the Supreme 1S goal stick is one of the lightest goal sticks ever made. For those of you that are bound to the shackles of wood/foam core sticks: the average foam core stick weighs around 830 grams. That’s a difference of 150 grams! 150 grams may not be heavy but, in the heat of the moment, they could be the difference between winning and losing. While the 1S does have some competition for the lightest stick out there, the scales can’t measure how light it feels in you hand. The 1S is so well balanced that it feels a lot lighter than 680 grams, and a lot lighter than any stick you’ve put in your hand.

Bauer Supreme 1S  Goal Sticks

Don’t let this featherweight take you by surprise, because it’s strong. Bauer incorporates player stick technology to make the 1S lightweight, durable, and certainly the closest thing a goalie will get to a player stick in their hand. I believe that the stick is a goalie’s most important piece of equipment; right after our eyes, our stick is what we use to guide us throughout the crease. Having a stick you’re fully comfortable with not only gives you a competitive advantage, but also a mental advantage.

Bauer Supreme  1S Goal Sticks


How’s it so strong? TeXtreme® carbon fiber is how. It’s not about the stick being made of carbon fiber; it’s about what carbon fiber makes the stick. Bauer Hockey holds exclusive rights to use TeXtreme®. TeXtreme® is an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber weave that is 20% stronger than conventional carbon. So, this allows Bauer to increase the overall strength of the stick, while decreasing the overall weight. This carbon fiber used to only be in Bauer’s player sticks, but has finally made its way to the goalie scene.

Bauer Supreme  1S Goal Sticks

Ergo+ Paddle Geometry

Supreme goal sticks have had an interesting paddle shape, for quite some time, and it looks kind of odd but it has a purpose. Ergo+ is a patented ergonomic paddle shape that increases rebound control and reduces weight. Now, you may be wondering how it gives you better rebound control. The particular shape of the paddle allows you to bring the stick in closer to your pad, while the flattened face of the paddle makes rebounds off the paddle more predictable and easy to control. Also, the ‘lip’ that hangs over the face of the paddle assists in controlling bouncing pucks.

Bauer Supreme  1S Goal Sticks

Control Zone

The ergonomic paddle shape doesn’t begin until a few inches down from the paddle shoulder. This is to allow for a comfortable, flattened grip for your hand. Coating the shoulder is ribbed GRIPTAC. GRIPTAC gives you a far better grip than stick tape or grip tape; however, some may find it to be too ‘grippy’.

Bauer Supreme  1S Goal Sticks


I’ll tell any customer I’m helping out with sticks that foam core sticks will provide a better feel for the puck. For this exact purpose, the Supreme 1S features a foam core blade. AERO FOAM 3 is a lightweight blade core that is responsive to puck impacts, giving you a better feel and control of the puck. Of course, the composite structure of the blade retains its stability and maximizes your control over rebounds.

My Thoughts

Bauer Supreme 1S Goal Sticks

Supreme 1S

If you’re not worried about how much money you’re spending on your sticks and performance is all you care about, you can’t go wrong with this stick. The strength of the stick, while being so lightweight, is simply remarkable. Personally, I love to play the puck and get involved outside of the crease when I can, so I need a stick I’m confident in using, and the 1S is the closest I’ll come to having a full blown player stick in my hand. The AERO FOAM 3 blade core gives me a nice feel for the puck, but more importantly for myself and other ‘third defencemen’ is how the puck pops off the stiff composite blade. Being exposed to all the equipment in the industry, I don’t think I’ve raved about a stick as much I have the Supreme 1S.

Bauer Supreme 190 Goal Sticks

Supreme S190

Weighing in at 726 grams (26” paddle), the Supreme S190 is only 23 grams heavier than last year’s PRO stick. Bauer has come up with probably the best-bang-for-your-buck stick of the year, in the S190. The S190 shares the same ergonomically shaped paddle and GRIPTAC coated paddle shoulder as the 1S, giving you the control you’d desire. If you’re playing any high level and still buying your own equipment, the S190 is a great option for you. Even if you’re a goalie that always bought high-end equipment, but you splurged your paycheque on a fun weekend and are in need of a new twig, you won’t feel far from home with this stick.

Bauer Supreme 170 Goal Sticks

Supreme S170

If you’re on the ice three to four times a week, the Supreme S170 would be a good fit for you. While it does weigh in at 771 grams, the S170 actually features a reinforced polyurethane core paddle for better puck control. Of course, being a Supreme stick it does feature the ergonomically shaped paddle and GRIPTAC coated shoulder for easy rebound control. The S170, in a nutshell, provides you the happy medium: while a heavier composite stick, it provides the benefits of a composite stick and it is still lighter than nearly every foam core stick.

Bauer Supreme 150 Goal Sticks

Supreme S150

If you’re either on the ice a handful of times in a month or you’re fairly new to goaltending, the Supreme S150 is a great first composite stick. Composite sticks play a little different than foam core sticks; they’re lighter and the puck tends to pop off the blade. The S150 follows the basic design of the 1S, featuring a concave shaft and ergonomic paddle shape, which separates it from other competing composites. I already said it, but I find that the goal stick to be your most important piece of equipment so it is imperative that you’re comfortable with it. Since composites feel different and play out differently, going to a super lightweight stick is a vast transition from any standard goal stick, so I think the S150 is a great stick to start with.

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