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Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Stick Review

Our Rating: 5/5

Availability: May 19, 2017 | Pre-Order Now

Written by Christian Plain

Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Stick Review

The Bauer Vapor 1X goal stick is the first goal stick to combine the performance advantages of a composite with the feel of a foam core. Combining their INNEGRA™ fiber and Balsa wood, Bauer successfully unites the positives of both composite and foam core sticks, in the Vapor 1X.

Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Stick Review

INNEGRA™ Technology Construction

Bauer’s unique INNEGRA fiber is woven with carbon to reinforce the structure of the stick, resulting in better durability and maintaining the feel of a foam core stick. The reinforced strength of the INNEGRA fiber will also prevent the stick from softening up, giving you better long-term performance when playing the puck.

Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Stick Review Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Stick Review

Balsa Core

Balsa wood is an extremely lightweight material and has multiple uses. For example, because of its low-density but strong structure, balsa is a common wood used for making model bridges, building, airplanes, etc. And now balsa is a key material in Bauer’s newest goal stick!

Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Stick Review

Balsa is inserted into the core of the paddle. Its low-density properties make it a flexible component of the 1X paddle, which dampens the impact of pucks; combined with the INNEGRA construction, the 1X has a superior feel to traditional foam core sticks.

Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Stick Review

Arch Paddle Geometry

Like the old Reactor composite sticks, the Vapor sticks feature the Arch Paddle geometry. By flattening the front surface of the paddle, it allows you to hold the stick more comfortably, as well as optimizing the balance at the centre of the stick.

The flat surface of the arched paddle provides a comfortable resting place for your index finger. To ensure you have a consistent grip on the stick, Bauer incorporates the Control Zone with GRIPTAC—something Bauer does with all their composite sticks. GRIPTAC, from my own experiences, works far better than tape.

Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Stick Review Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Stick Review


I’ll tell any customer I’m helping with sticks that foam core sticks will provide a better feel for the puck. For this exact purpose, the Vapor 1X features a foam core blade. AERO FOAM 3 is a lightweight blade core that is responsive to puck impacts, giving you a better feel and control of the puck. Of course, the INNEGRA structure of the blade retains its stability and maximizes your control over rebounds.

Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Stick Review

Final Thoughts

You will be fooled by the looks of the Vapor 1X before you hold it, because it’s not like any composite goal stick Bauer has made. The 1X is designed to give you the same feel as a foam core stick, in terms of weight and balance, but with the performance of a composite stick. At 839 grams (25” paddle) the 1X is closer to the weight of the Reactor 9000 stick it replaces—the Supreme 1S stick weighs 658 grams (25” paddle).

To me, Bauer differentiating their two composite sticks this way is very smart. Why? Composite sticks perform at a more consistent rate—in terms of rebound control and puck playing—than foam core sticks, so now you can choose a composite stick that fits your preferences. This also goes to show how popular composite goal sticks have become. So, if you prefer the weight and feel of a foam core stick, you can get that AND the consistency of a composite stick all in the Vapor 1X.

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