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2017 Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads Review

Our Rating: 5/5

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Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

Following in the footsteps of the Supreme 1S, the new Bauer Vapor 1X leg pads are constructed with the same OD1N technology. For those who don’t know the scoop on OD1N, go check out our blog on the 1S OD1N gear. Bauer’s Reactor goal series have been replaced with Vapor 1X.

In a nutshell, the 1X Vapor goal line combines the technological advancements of the OD1N project with a softer profile that both the athletic and old-school goalies prefer.

Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

C.O.R.Tech Skin Technology

Perhaps the most interesting innovation of OD1N is the build of the pad. C.O.R.Tech stands for Coefficient of Restitution Tech Skin. You may remember from math class that a coefficient is a constant quantity placed before and multiplies a variable (for example: 1n | 1 = coefficient, n = variable). Restitution is the rate an object returns to its original shape or position. Therefore, coefficient of restitution refers to the increased rate of an object returning to original form, i.e. the pad returning to original form after stopping a puck. The quicker the pad recovers to its original shape, the harder the rebound.

Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

The C.O.R.TECH skin is a one-piece pad construction that is formed by molding the cover of the pad, rather than sewing it. The pad’s core has multiple layers: cross-linked polyethylene foam; lycra-spandex; poly-urethane; and then a digital print graphic with a clear coat over top. This is a revolutionary method for pad construction, and it drastically reduces weight and improves the consistency of the pad.

Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some demos from Bauer and my experience was great. Everything was consistent—my butterfly, my ability to slide, and the rebounds.

Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

The C.O.R.TECH also results in fast and far sliding. The mold of the pad makes the outer surface very tight, so I could slide well past the post with one push. The only downside to those of you that buy OD1Ns will be adjusting to the sliding.

Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

Tapered Flex Core

To reduce weight and add flex to the core of the pad, Bauer tapers the outer profile of the pad (where the side Bauer logo is). Tapering the outer profile of the pad also maximizes the landing zone for your knee, thus optimizing sliding and landing seal.

Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

Tune Fit Strapping System

Much like the Custom Rotation System (CRS) on the 1S leg pads, the 1X’s Tune Fit Strapping System is designed to evenly balance the pad on your leg, afford you full adjustability for your preferred fit, and optimize butterfly rotation. Attaching both ends of a flexible nylon strap to the inside gusset of the pad and a Velcro attachment point in looped in the middle, the Tune Fit can be attached to any point on the outer gusset of the pad.

Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

A second Velcro strap comes from the outside gusset to the inside gusset, to hold the landing gear in place and wrap your leg in the leg channel.

Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

Transfer Mesh

New from Bauer is the Transfer Mesh used in the knee cradle and leg channel of the 1X leg pads. Transfer Mesh is a breathable fabric that enhances Bauer’s 37.5® Technology, accelerating the evaporation of sweat, by maximizing air flow through key areas of the leg channel.


Transfer Mesh is blended into the AX SUEDE™ QUATTRO, which is a more durable Nash-like material. The AX SUEDE adds a little grip to the knee cradle and leg channel; a bit of grip on the knee landing is good, because it will prevent your knee from slipping.

Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

Curv Composite Thigh Rise

Curv composite is used in the thigh rise of the 1X OD1Ns. Curv is also used in the 1S pads to keep the pads stiff; Curv is featured in thigh rise to prevent the pad from softening up too much. The 1X core structure is built to be softer than the 1S.

Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

Digitally Printed Graphics

While the OD1N series differentiates itself from the entire market, there is nothing more different than the digitally printed graphics. Bauer digitally prints a two-tone X graphic, showing a greater spectrum of colour than traditional cut-and-sew leather graphics. I also like the engraved patterns on the face of the pad, because they add subtle details to the appearance of the pad.

Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads

Redefined Sizing

Wouldn’t it be great if finding the right size of goal pads were as easy as finding the right sized t-shirt? Well, Bauer is doing that for you. Instead of your 34+1, 34+2, 34+3, etc…they have redefined sizing by using the traditional Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL sizes. Now, you’re probably wondering why they would do that. This new approach to sizing is to be more accurate, in terms of overall size, for goalies. Far too often goalies think they need a taller thigh rise than necessary, resulting in pads that are just too big.

Pad sizing has changed a lot lately with the NHL’s new sizing regulations. What we’ve come to see from shorter pads is that goaltenders have a more consistent and solid butterfly; in fact, there were less 5-hole goals, last season, when the league expected more. When purchasing a set of 1X OD1Ns, one of our goal experts will use a sizing gauge from Bauer to help determine your size.


You can now get your hands on the new Bauer 1X OD1N at The Hockey Shop! Bauer’s 1S OD1N series has already made a large impact on the goalie gear market, and now their 1X line up gives more goalies the option to experience the innovation.

- written by Christian Plain

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