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Brian's G-N3Tik (G-NETik 3) Leg Pad Review

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Brian's G-N3Tik Leg Pads

It’s always an exciting time for us to check out some new Brian’s equipment, because everything they make is pretty cool. On November 1st, 2016, they be released the all new G-NETik Pro 3, A.K.A. “G-N3Tik”. The G-NETik series has catered to the ‘hybrid’ style goalie, with a flexible construction that allows the pads to follow your every movement. The new era of G-NETiks are a pad that is more versatile than ever before, by creating a pad structure that is multi-dimensional.

I think that’s enough intro, so let’s get to the details.

Brian's G-N3Tik Leg Pads

Hybrid Flex Core

Continuing to use their patented E-Foam Technology, Brian’s has developed a Hybrid Core Flex—the most flexible core to date—for the G-N3Tik. Considering how soft the stock 4-4-4 flex is on the G-NETik Pro II, you may think that making the core of the pad softer would be a bad idea? To ensure that the new G-N3Tik is not too flexible, Brian’s has updated the stock flex to a 5-4-2 flex (5 boot, 4 knee, and 2 thigh rise).

Brian's G-N3Tik Leg Pads

The main difference with the updated stock flex is that it will make the thigh rise less flexible and more suitable for more goalies. The stiffer thigh rise also gives the pad better structural integrity. All this considered, the new Hybrid Flex Core still allows the pad to be flexible, but the stiffer thigh rise enables the pad to return to it’s normal shape. As you can also see, the G-N3Tiks come stock with a single break design for a more pro-like aesthetic.

The new Hybrid Flex Core also features a Full Flex Knee System, which has internal knee rolls. These internal knee rolls enable the pad to flex with ease, compared to a normal foam core pad like the SubZero 3.

Brian's G-N3Tik Leg Pads

Flat-Face/No Knee Roll Design

You’ve probably noticed that the G-N3Tiks don’t have any form of knee roll. This is a little out of character, if you will, for a G-NETik series pad. Brian’s made their prototype of the G-N3Tik with knee rolls, and let’s just say it didn’t look great. The new graphic kind of resembles a crown and has lots of straight edges, which does not look as good when placed over knee rolls. The reality is, knee rolls are a fairly cosmetic feature and don’t do much. By getting rid of the knee rolls, the G-N3Tiks have an aesthetically appealing look and give off predictable rebounds.

Brian's G-N3Tik Leg Pads

New (X) Smart Strap

The Smart Strap system that Brian’s has been using for the past few years has been re-configured on the new G-N3Tiks.

Rather than the normal Y-shaped Smart Strap at the calf, Brian’s has changed it to an X-shape. The X strapping is also at the knee. The purpose of the X is to provide you with more secure and open strapping options, depending on your preferences.

The Smart Strap toe straps have also been re-designed to allow for better connection and minimize friction between the strap and cowling.

Brian's G-N3Tik Leg Pads

Knee and Leg Channel

Hex-Air has been used mainly in the leg channels of the G-NETik and SubZero leg pads. This year, the G-N3Tik features a Hex-Air molded knee cradle for increased air flow and second-to-none comfort. The hexagons surfacing from the knee stack create channels that allow air to pass through. These hexagons also double as small pillows for your knees to land on.

The overall design of the knee cradle allows for both small and large knee pads, and are especially designed for the Velcro-integrated knee pads that come with the G-N3Tiks.

Brian's G-N3Tik Leg Pads

Of course, being a Brian’s product, the G-N3Tiks feature X-Static Air-Knit material. X-Static is applied to the entire inside of the leg channel and wraps to provide anti-microbial benefits and moisture-wicking properties, keeping you fresh and clean throughout the game.

Large Selection of Materials

Brian’s, The Custom Goal Company, pride themselves on their craftsmanship and innovation. While their craftsmanship speaks for itself, it may overshadow their innovative strides. Brian’s offers some of the best materials to you, both through their stock equipment and custom creations.

Brian's G-N3Tik Leg Pads

The G-N3Tik series features many of Brian’s high-end materials, from JenPro to Primo synthetic leather. The G-N3Tiks also include Defender and Air-Knit. Air-Knit, as before mentioned, is integrated with X-Static anti-microbial fiber, providing a lightweight and breathable mesh. Defender material, on the other hand, is a high-wear nylon that replaces JenPro in certain graphic areas to reduce weight and also give a unique look.

Through Brian’s a custom order, you can order any of these materials:

  • Flat JenPro
  • Weave JenPro
  • Matte JenPro
  • Bucky (vintage)
  • Primo Synthetic Leather (high-wear material)
  • Defender
  • Hex-Air
  • X-Static Anti-Microbial
  • Air-Knit


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