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Brian’s OPTiK Chest & Arm Protector

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Brian’s OPTiK Chest & Arm Protector

The Custom Goal Company has made a major splash in the goalie world with their all-new OPTiK series. Following the release of the leg pads, trapper and blocker, Brian’s now has the OPTiK chest & arm protector. After taking some time to play around and get a feel for it, we have a review of Brian’s new body armour. The pre-release demo was black and gold but The Hockey Shop offers custom Black and Red colourway.

Brian’s – The Kings of Custom – continues to excel in making the highest quality equipment in the game; top-tier craftsmanship is their greatest asset. The OPTiK chest protector is no exception to the rule. My first impression was simply how comfortable it is. Air-Knit is a lightweight, breathable mesh that Brian’s uses to provide a very comfortable feeling unit.

Brian’s OPTiK Chest & Arm Protector

The adjustable arms form to your arm size, providing you great control. Combined with the tapered fit and the Smart Strap’s exact fit, the OPTiK chest protector provides optimal mobility.

Brian’s OPTiK Chest & Arm Protector


In terms of construction, Brian’s uses their signature E-Foam. Brian’s has developed their E-Foam into one of the top-grade foams uses in goalie equipment; it’s lightweight, yet strong, properties allow them to make an all-foam chest protector. The benefit of an all-foam design is that the chest protector will maintain a consistent condition and have a reduced weight because no plastic is used.

Brian’s OPTiK Chest & Arm Protector

Customized Fit

The OPTiK unit has a lot of adjustments that can be made to customize its fit. Double Velcro shoulder blade adjustments allow goalies to change the way the unit will sit on your shoulders. Velcro arm attachments allow you to adjust arm length. The elbow is also adjustable to change how tight the arms are, which is ideal for overall control.

[picture of floating collar] Brian’s OPTiK Chest & Arm Protector

Floating Collar

A final piece of padding that is hidden from view is the “floating” collar. The floating collar allows you to adjust the position of where it sits. Furthermore, it features a Hex-Air pad that doubles down on sternum protection, as well as airflow. Hex-Air’s hexagonal design creates small air channels that promote airflow, keeping you calm, cool and collective in the crease.

What’s best of all? You can customize the Brian’s OPTiK chest protector with custom colours and striping, to give you your own flare of style under the jersey.

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