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CCM AS1 Super Tacks Goalie Skate Review

Our Rating: 5/5

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Written By: Christian Plain

The next generation of CCM’s goal skates are here: The Super Tacks AS1 goal skates. Being the staple piece equipment, necessary for playing hockey, you want to make sure your skates are best suited for you. This year, CCM is bringing their pioneering Super Tacks technology to the goalie skate.

CCM AS1 Senior Goal Skate

Dual Zone 360

The core of the Super Tacks AS1 skate is the Dual Zone 360 quarter package. For the first time, a goal skate will feature a one-piece boot construction with a dual-stiff profile, designed specifically for fit and performance.

The upper of the Dual Zone 360 quarter package is more flexible, by design, to provide a greater range of motion to produce stronger pushes, as well as improve the overall comfort of the skate.

CCM AS1 Senior Goal Skate

Conversely, the super-stiff composite under boot provides a consistent platform to push off from, ensuring you don’t lose out on anything during the energy transfer.

Overall, the one-piece design of the Dual Zone 360 provides an anatomical fit for the goalie’s foot. When the boot is heat molded, you’ll get a full, custom fit.

Asymmetric Flex Stance Contour

CCM AS1 Goal Skate Senior

The Asymmetric Flex contour at the boot collar gives the goalie better ankle rotation. This will let you drop down into a deep stance with ease, and works hand-in-hand with the flexible upper of the quarter package.

Attack Profile Holder

CCM AS1 Goal Skate

We’re getting closer to seeing no cowling on a CCM goalie skate. Maybe we never will, but we’re close now. The new age design of the Attack Profile Holder cuts off any plastic from the edge of the skate sole, improving the available attack angle for the goalie. The design allows the goalie to get the entire blade on the ice at a lower angle.

CCM AS1 Goal Skate

CCM keeps the toe cap of the holder in place, simply for protection. It’s either a fat toe built into the skate or the holder. I think the holder works well with the aesthetic of the Super Tacks AS1 skates.

The less plastic used on the holder also reduces the weight of the skate, which is always nice.

CCM AS1 Goal Skate

The Super Tacks AS1 goal skates come stock with CCM’s ProLite G Black steel. ProLite G Black steel is a high-performance steel that is oxide-treated for better edge life and resists corrosion. Not to mention, the black steel looks pretty cool.

Final Thoughts

My thoughts on the CCM Super Tacks AS1 goal skates are quite simple. If they fit your foot, they’re awesome skates. The one-piece quarter package should be an industry standard, given the consistency and comfort it provides.

CCM AS1 Goal Skate D30 Footbed

A small feature I should mention is the D3O footbed. CCM has been using D3O material for a few years now. Given its stiffness when in a solid state, it’s a great material to use for a supportive, yet comfortable, footbed.

CCM AS1 Goal Skate

Lastly, I think the Super Tacks AS1 are great looking skates. Looks are half the battle for most goalies, so anyone wearing these skates will step onto that ice with some confidence and moxie.

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