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CCM Extreme Flex III Goal Stick Series

Our Rating: 5/5

Availability: June 16, 2017 | Pre-Order: May 16, 2017

CCM Extreme Flex III Goal Stick

This Spring brings goalies alike the new Extreme Flex series from CCM. CCM has three new foam core sticks: The Extreme Flex III, E3.9 and E3.5. The E-Flex III and E3.9 are two new foam core options for goalies looking for a competitive advantage with a traditional feel, while the E3.5 is a new wood option for young goalies learning the position.

The new E-Flex III stick is the result of CCM working closely with their NHL goalies. This close relationship between the company and its players has influenced many more NHL goalies to make the switch to the new stick.

Improvements to the weight and consistency of the shaft are the tangible results from working with pros. CCM decreased the overall weight of the stick and improved the consistency of rebounds and performance.

CCM Extreme Flex III Goal Stick

Extreme Flex III

Sizes: Senior 25”, 26” and 27”; Intermediate 24”; and Junior 21” and 23”.

CCM Extreme Flex III Goal Stick

Made in Canada, the Extreme Flex III is CCM’s pro level foam core goal stick, made with a foam core paddle and aspen wood shaft.

The entirety of the stick is coated in laminate and reinforced with fiberglass strands and graphite. This addition of fiberglass enables the E-Flex III to maintain a light weight, while keeping a sturdy structure.

CCM Extreme Flex III Goal Stick

A big difference between the E-Flex III foam core and other goal sticks is the full graphite blade. With a full graphite blade, you’ll be able to have both the feel of a foam core stick and the consistency of a composite stick when playing the puck.

CCM Extreme Flex III Goal Stick

The Junior sizes of the E-Flex III have a fiberglass and graphite laminate blade, rather than full graphite.

Extreme Flex E3.9

Sizes: Senior 25”, 26” and 27”; Intermediate 24”; and Junior 21” and 23”.

Made in Canada, The E-Flex E3.9 goal stick is the price-point foam core option from CCM. The E3.9 is made with a foam core paddle, a multi-laminate shaft and a polyurethane foam injected blade.

The foam core paddle is reinforced, much like the E-Flex III, with fiberglass strands to maintain a lightweight and structural integrity.

If you find a full graphite blade isn’t necessary for you, or you just don’t prefer it, the E3.9’s polyurethane foam injected blade is ideal for you. The foam core blade will provide you with the best possible feel for the puck, something a composite stick just can’t accomplish…yet, at least.

Extreme Flex E3.5

Sizes: Senior 25”, 26” and 27”; Intermediate 24”; Junior 23”; and Youth 18”.

Made in Canada, the E-Flex E3.5 is CCM’s wood stick option. Made with an ash wood paddle and blade, and a multi-laminate shaft, to give select goalies the old school feel they may prefer. This stick is also a great option for younger goalies still learning the position.

Left unfinished without paint, the E3.5 has an irreplaceable classic look to it. Nostalgic to the days of old.

The new CCM Extreme Flex goal stick lineup will be available Spring of 2017. Hopefully this review will help you decide which one is fit for you! If you have any further questions in regards to the Extreme Flex stick lineup, feel free to contact us.

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