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CCM Premier 2 Stick Review

Our Rating: 5/5

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Written by: Samuel Gotowiec

New for 2018, the CCM Premier 2 goal stick is the second iteration flagship composite stick for CCM. To kick off the 2016 season, CCM sought out to create the first Composite goal stick under the CCM name; one that ultimately combined superior feel and function into a lightweight package.

CCM Premier 2 Stick

The Premier series of sticks quickly gained popularity from strictly foam-core stick users like Carey Price and Roberto Luongo to recreational goalies looking for a light stick that wouldn’t break the bank. That was two years ago. Now in 2018, CCM has completely revamped the Premier line. Let’s get into it.

CCM Premier 2 Stick

Sigmatex Carbon Composite

Perhaps the most visible change in the Premier 2 stick is the unique silver composite weave throughout the entire paddle and shaft. Sigmatex is a spread-tow carbon composite that is extremely lightweight while being very strong due to its high-tension weaving process.

CCM Premier 2 Stick

Aside from previously being used on top of the line player sticks from CCM, Sigmatex is also a trusted material in other areas of construction, such as aerospace and architectural industries. The use of Sigmatex allows for an extremely lightweight and balanced stick while reducing the “bottom heavy” feel of previous models.

ZeroFlux Vibration Dampening

With composite goal sticks quickly becoming the way of the future, it was a priority for CCM to capture the vibration-dampening advantages of foam-core in a top-end composite. Throughout the Premier 2, CCM has kept with the use of ZeroFlux technology, which is a lightweight structure designed to diminish vibrations when making stick saves, while providing excellent control while shooting or passing.

CCM Premier 2 stick

Throughout my time using the Premier 2, I enjoyed making stick saves and steering pucks to the corners, which is not always the case with composite sticks. Along with feeling zero vibrations from shots, pucks were very lively off the blade. The lively blade gave me more time to recover, and in most cases eliminated the possibility of a second shot.

Improved Shaft Durability

The main downfall of last years Premier Plus was the durability in the shaft. This shaft deficiency was primarily due to the moulding process used in the shaft construction. CCM has addressed this durability by improving consistency in the way that they compact the shaft, which minimizes weak points and provides greater strength.

CCM Premier 2 Stick

This new process, paired with Sigmatex, eliminates any uncertainties about durability and makes the Premier 2 a much more reliable investment.

StickTaK Grip

The shoulder of the Premier 2 utilizes the same raised StickTak grip as the previous model, but CCM strategically placed the coating in a focused area. The tacky grip zone has been shortened, as opposed to going far up the back of the shaft.

CCM Premier 2 Stick

Having the StickTak run a shorter distance up the shaft means I have grip where I want it, while not restricting my blocker hand sliding up the stick to make poke checks or play the puck.

CCM Premier 2 Stick

Squeaky Clean Graphics

Almost as impressive as all the new technology packed into the Premier 2 stick is the graphic. The transparent look of silver Sigmatex throughout the paddle and shaft, paired with the slow white paint fade into the blade looks very clean and is sure to match almost any gear setup.

CCM Premier 2 Stick

Final Thoughts

With the goaltending world gradually migrating to composite sticks, CCM has successfully been able to merge modern technology with a traditional feel. Longtime composite users that value having a lightweight stick with puck feel, in addition to foam-core or wood stick converts, will be sure to enjoy the Premier 2.

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