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CCM Premier Chest and Pants

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Trusted performance and protection to cover more crease.

CCM Premier Chest

Premier Pro Chest & Arm Protector

This April 2017, CCM will be releasing the second version of its CCM Premier chest & arm protector. With an extensive use of D3O® Smart Material and a lightweight construction, the 2017 Premier will provide goalies tremendous coverage and unrestricted mobility.

CCM Premier Chest

D3O® Smart Material

CCM uses its partnership with D3O® to bolster their Premier line with state-of-the-art protection. Featuring “rate sensitive, soft, flexible materials with high shock absorbing properties,” D3O is an optimal material for goalie equipment.

D3O and its shock-dampening properties are molded into plates for the sternum, biceps and forearms of the new Premier chest & arm. These three areas are probably the worst places to get hurt from a shot, especially the sternum. The sternum is a crucial area to protect, because it protects your heart, lungs and major blood vessels.

[picture of the D3O sternum plate]

D3O protecting the biceps and forearms is nice, because bruises—while they make you look tough—are not the best to have, let alone a lasting pain, throughout the game. The shock dampening properties of D3O also deadens the puck, making it even easier to smother the puck and stop the play.

CCM Premier Chest

Adjustable Fit System

What makes the Premier chest & arm so attractive to so many is the adjustable fit system. Using Velcro to adjust the shoulder fit, as well as the arm length, affords you the opportunity to buy a chest protector that fits today and tomorrow.

CCM Premier Chest

Adjustments have also been included in the elbows and back. JDP® injection molded PE elbow caps hold the elbows in place and protect you from your clumsiest of falls. These pads can be adjusted to comfortably hold your elbows, while triceps and forearms straps can be adjusted to keep the arms positioned correctly.

CCM Premier Chest

Square Design

CCM’s goal with Premier is to capitalize on surface area, by making a chest & arm protector that has lots of coverage. To ensure their goal was met, they shaped the Premier chest like a square. Rather than rounding the shoulders, or just focusing on height, the Premier features rigid edges and squared shoulders to capitalize equally in height and width; you’ll be covered everywhere, wearing the Premier.

CCM Premier Chest

The square design is also seen in the torso and arms of the unit. The Premier features a shorter torso than its counterpart E-Flex Shield, to make it easy to tuck the torso into your pants.

CCM Premier Pant

Premier Pro Goalie Pant

The Premier goal pant has been (probably) the most popular goal pant in the goalie world. With a spacious, barrel-style fit, the Premiers are very comfortable and unrestricting.

Like the Premier Pro chest & arm, the goal pants have a square design that doesn’t sacrifice any surface area, in the name of coverage.

CCM Premier Pant

Molded high and low-density foams make a fixed waist opening that doesn’t taper inward to the torso; in conjunction with the inner belt, the Premier pants are ideal for tucking your Premier chest protector. The inner belt keeps the pant at a certain height on your hips, without sacrificing internal volume or external coverage.

CCM Premier Pant CCM Premier Pant

Thigh protection is also made with molded HD foam, as well as molded lightweight EPE foam. The flat blocking surface of the thighs make the Premier pants ideal for consistent rebound control.

CCM Premier Pant

D3O® Smart Material

The hip flaps now feature D3O® Smart Material. Underneath the hip flaps, on any pant, there tends to be no real protection, so the pant can flex at the hips. For that reason, goalie pants feature these flaps.

Because you can be susceptible to getting a stinger, CCM uses D3O foam in the hip flaps to prevent that.

CCM Premier Pant

Extendable Length

A cool feature on the new Premier Pro goal pants is the length extension. ‘Tall’ pants are more common for players, which gives any given pant a longer leg length. With the use of a zipper, you can give yourself up to an extra 1 inch of length in your Premier Pro goal pants.

The CCM Premier Pro goal pants are the ideal goal pants, for most goalies. The Premiers provide pro-level protection, a spacious fit, comfort and lots of mobility. The only downside to the Premiers is that they are a little difficult to properly fit if you do not tuck your chest protector; however, if that is the case, CCM has you covered with the Extreme Flex Shield pant!

CCM Premier Pant

The new CCM Premier chest & arm protector and goal pants will be available in April of 2017. Along with the pro-spec Premier, CCM will be releasing two price-point options in the R1.9 and R1.5.

Watch this video to get the scoop on D3O® Smart Material!

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