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CCM Premier II Blocker & Trapper

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CCM Premier II Blocker and Trapper

For 2018, CCM Hockey brings us the newest addition to their Premier line. The CCM Premier 2 blocker and trapper provide the same feel that previous Premier gloves had but at a fraction of the weight. Along with an edgy, new graphic, CCM’s newest blocker and catch glove are sure to be popular with everyone. After getting to see the new Premier II line, I’m here to give you the details on the newest generation of CCM Premier!

CCM Premier II Blocker

CCM Premier II Blocker

CCM’s Premier II blocker emphasizes shot blocking with a redesigned thumb protector, anatomical cuff design, and an incredibly lightweight construction. The new Premier blocker weighs an astounding 1.6 lbs., compared to the previous generation’s 2.0 lbs. By reducing the weight – without reducing protection – the Premier II blocker will improve your reaction time and help you make those split-second saves.

The Premier II blocker comes stock with a centered palm position, aiding towards a balanced feel. Furthermore, CCM’s Speed Skin will be used in place of traditional Clarino. While Speed Skin doesn’t have a great benefit for gloves, it is slightly lighter in weight than traditional Clarino.

Adjustable Cuff

CCM Premier II Blocker cuff

The lightweight design of the Premier II blocker is enhanced with CCM’s adjustable cuff. An adjustable cuff gives the goalie the opportunity to customize the fit of the blocker. Fully loosening the cuff gives you a full range of motion.

D3O® Smart Material and Finger Protection

CCM Premier II Blocker d30

Finger protection is a very underrated component to any blocker, because there’s nothing worse than broken fingers and finger nails falling off.

The side board features a shallow finger protection, which has an HD foam insert behind the blocker board.

More importantly, CCM features D3O® Smart Material as a border around the index finger. Within the mesh of the index finger slot, D3O separates the index finger from the puck. Much like an air bag, you don’t want to ever have to rely on it, but you’re happy when it’s there.

CCM Premier II Trapper

CCM Premier II Trapper

The Premier 2 trapper is consistently one of the most popular catch gloves in the goalie world. The 590 break is suitable for any type of goalie – it’s hard to find someone that truly doesn’t like the way it feels. This time round, the Premier II focuses on improving vision and a quick-close.

New Double-T Pocket

CCM Premier II Trapper

Taking from the Extreme Flex III, the Premier II features CCM’s new expanded double-T. The expanded double-T makes the glove pocket massive, making it so much easier to watch the puck right into the glove pocket. Furthermore, the new double-T pocket increases puck retention, which will reduce the amount of pop-outs you’ll experience.

D3O® Smart Material

CCM Premier II  Trapper

CCM enhances the palm of the Premier II trapper by using D3O® Smart Material. D3O allows CCM to use less layers of foam in the palm. Simply put, D3O enhances the Game Ready palm to a Pro Palm, Pro Palm to Practice, etc. In fact, the D3O material allows us to order our Pro gloves with a Game Ready palm, rather than the Pro Palm. Overall, the glove is easier to close but keeps the Pro level protection.

CCM Premier 2 Design

CCM Premier II Trapper

The overall design of trapper is just like the previous Premier series catch gloves; however, the construction and materials bring the glove to a new level. Like the blocker, the trapper is lighter than it’s ever been. Weighing in at 2.2 lbs., compared to 2.4 lbs. previously, CCM continues to shave the right amount of weight off their equipment.

The large catching surface also makes it so easy to play the puck. Along with the 590-break angle, it’s very easy to wrap your glove hand around your stick and make confident passes on the ice.

Final Thoughts

Time and time again, CCM exemplifies consistency with their equipment. Construction, aesthetics and function are all boxes CCM ticked with the blocker and trapper. The new graphic offers a lot of colour zones to work with, which will allow goalies to make their custom sets truly unique.

Though the pads have a few changes that people may need to get used to, everyone can safely rely on the Premier 2 blocker and trapper to provide that same feel and consistency that they know from the Premier series. The extreme lightweight construction will make your saves effortless, and your great saves far more spectacular.

Make sure to come check out the new CCM Premier 2 series at The Shop. Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram to see all the custom Premier II set ups we bring in!

Make sure to come check out the new CCM Premier 2 series at The Shop. Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram to see all the custom Premier II setups we bring in! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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