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Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Carbon Leg Pad Review

New for 2017, Vaughn has released the Ventus SLR Pro Carbon leg pads, designed with HD foams and carbon to be a lightweight, butterfly-style pad. The SLR Pro Carbons have since converted Velocity goalies Matt Murray and Jimmy Howard, and gained the attention of many more, proving this pad is living up to its hype. Continue... 0

2017 Bauer Vapor 1X Blocker & Catcher

New for 2017, the Bauer Vapor 1X blocker and trapper combine a traditional and comfortable feel with a new approach to making goalie equipment. You can get your hands in these gloves, through us at The Shop! Continue... 0

2017 Bauer VAPOR 1X OD1N Leg Pads Review

Following in the footsteps of the Supreme 1S, the new Bauer Vapor 1X leg pads are constructed with the same OD1N technology. Bauer’s Reactor goal series will be replaced with Vapor this spring. In a nutshell, the 1X Vapor goal line combines the technological advancements of the OD1N project with a softer profile that both the athletic and old-school goalies prefer. Continue... 0

Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pad Review

The new Warrior Ritual GT leg pads are designed to be softer than the Ritual G3s, catering to goalies that prefer a traditional feeling pad. In Pete Smith/Warrior fashion, the R/GT leg pads are still designed with innovation and performance in mind. Continue... 0

Warrior Ritual GT Pro Blocker and Trapper

The new Warrior Ritual GT Pro blocker and trapper are made with a super lightweight construction and high-quality materials, for fast hands and pro-level performance. Continue... 0

TENDYFEST 2017 - The Ultimate Goalie Demo Day

We've brought back all the top goal suppliers under one roof with gear for you to try on the ice AND GIVE AWAYS! Continue... 0

Recap of TENDYFEST 2016

Check out recap of the 2016 TENDYFEST Ultimate Goalie Demo Day as we get ready to launch the 2nd annual event for 2017. Continue... 0

2017 CCM Pro Goalie Mask

Inspired by the Lefevre family Pro mask, the second generation CCM Pro goalie mask combines an authentic Lefevre design with new technology for top performance. The molded profile of the mask allows your face sit close to the cage for great peripheral vision. Continue... 0

CCM Extreme Flex III Goal Stick Series

The new E-Flex III stick is the result of CCM working closely with their NHL goalies. This close relationship between the company and its players has influenced many more NHL goalies to make the switch to the new stick. Improvements to the weight and consistency of the shaft are the tangible results from working with pros. Continue... 0

CCM Extreme Flex 3 Leg Pads Review

When it comes to goalie equipment, CCM is the model of consistency. Every year, both their pros and their aspiring pros know the type of performance they’ll get from their CCM equipment, and the Extreme Flex 3 leg pads are no exception to the rule. Continue... 0

CCM Extreme Flex 3 Trapper Review

When it comes to goalie equipment, CCM is the model of consistency. Every year, both their pros and their aspiring pros know the type of performance they’ll get from their CCM equipment, and the Extreme Flex 3 trapper is no exception to the rule. Continue... 0

CCM Extreme Flex 3 Blocker Review

CCM and Lefevre continue to design great gloves, year after year. While the mantra is “a blocker is a blocker,” the blocker is the most undervalued piece of equipment. Coming back with a binding-less face, the E-Flex 3 blocker has a very aesthetic look and maximized coverage. Continue... 0

CCM Premier Chest and Pants

This April 2017, CCM will be releasing the second version of its CCM Premier chest & arm protector. With an extensive use of D3O® Smart Material and a lightweight construction, the 2017 Premier will provide goalies tremendous coverage and unrestricted mobility. Continue... 0

Brian's G-N3Tik (G-NETik 3) Trapper and Blocker Review

the G-NETik blocker and trapper have offered maximum blocking surface and a basket-like catching performance. Let’s talk about the new G-N3Tik gloves. Continue... 0

Brian's G-N3Tik (G-NETik 3) Leg Pad Review

Brian's released the all new G-NETik Pro 3, A.K.A. "G-N3Tik". The G-NETik series has catered to the ‘hybrid’ style goalie, with a flexible construction that allows the pads to follow your every movement. The new era of G-NETiks are a pad that is more versatile than ever before, by creating a pad structure that is multi-dimensional. Continue... 0

Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro Chest & Arms

The Ritual G2 Classic Pro simplifies Warrior’s approach to a pro level chest protector. This chesty provides you the same pro level protection as the G2 Pro but without the bionic arms. Time to take a look at this classic... Continue... 0

Vaughn V7 XR and XF: What’s the Difference?

Velocity 7 is here from Vaughn! Like last season’s V6 line, the V7 lineup features two different models to choose from: V7 XR and V7 XF. You’ve maybe noticed Vaughn ditched their old model number system in favour of XR and XF and it's caused our customers, and even our staff, to re-learn which features are specific to each model. Continue... 0

Vaughn V7 XF Pro Carbon THS Spec Chest Protector

If you’re looking to get a new chest protector for next season and beyond, you ought to strongly consider the Vaughn V7 XF Pro Carbon – THS Spec. This unit has all the features to bring your game to the next level: pro level protection, lightweight construction, and an excellent range of motion. Continue... 0

Bauer Supreme Goal Sticks Review

Bauer continues their successful Supreme composite goal stick lineup, with the introduction of the Supreme 1S, S190, S170 and S150 sticks. At all four levels, the Supreme line looks to provide goalies at any level with the best possible goal stick. I’m going to highlight the key features of the high-end Supreme 1S, followed by my thoughts on each stick and which goalies they suit. Continue... 0

Brian’s SubZero 7.0 Series Review

Brian’s Custom Sports has come out with another great price-point model, that emulates their pro level SubZero Pro 3. Made in the Philippines using all materials sourced by Brian’s main factory in Ontario, the SubZero 7.0 line closely resembles its pro counterpart, both in looks and performance. Now, ‘Kings of Custom’ can provide their innovations to goalies at all levels. Continue... 0

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