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CCM Premier Goal Sticks

It’s a new era for CCM hockey, as they are releasing their first Premier line under their name. So, along with the new pads, gloves and all the other cool new stuff, there are some new sticks! The new composite line, Premier, will have three sticks: Premier Plus, Premier R1.9, and the Premier R1.5. Let’s check them out. Continue... 0

CCM RIBCOR 50K Goal Skate Review

This April 2016, CCM will revive the cult classic Pump skate with the RIBCOR 50K goal skate. CCM has designed the 50K skate with a better Pump, quarter package and cowling than ever before. The end result is increased power, flexibility and range of motion for their goalies. Continue... 0

New 2016 CCM Premier Pro Review

From inception in 2004, all the way to today, Reebok/CCM has become a dominant force in the goalie world; the Premier series has certainly been the most popular amongst goalies, on average. Leaps and bounds later, CCM has designed the lightest Premier pad yet. Read our review on the new Premier leg pads, blocker and catcher. Continue... 0

CCM Extreme Flex Shield Review: Chest-Arm Protector and Pants

This April 2016, CCM will be introducing their first Extreme Flex Chest & Arm Protector, and Goalie Pant. With the use of two advanced materials, ADIPRENE® and ADIPRENE+®, the Extreme Flex Shield Chest Protector and Goal Pant combines next level technology with the comfort that goalies trust. Continue... 0

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Your Goalie

There is no better time to spend with loved ones and friends than the holidays. Being huddled around the TV with a hot chocolate—maybe some eggnog—as you watch one of your favourite holiday flicks just seems to make you feel warm inside. Nothing stressful about it at all! But, before you kick back and relax with family and friends make sure you have your ducks in a row. Don’t go in to the holidays unprepared; shopping on Christmas Eve is the worst! So, for those of you that have a goalie in your life, look no further—here are the Top 10 Christmas Gifts for your goalie! Continue... 0

CCM 760 & 860 Leg Pad Review

Customer service is the name of our game, here at The Shop. We strive to make sure you purchase the right products. With large growth as a company and membership with the Source for Sports buying group, we have a great opportunity to bring exclusive equipment to our customers. So, exclusive from CCM, we are fortunate to carry our THS Spec Extreme Flex 760 and 860 equipment! Continue... 0

Brian’s Sub Zero Pro 3 Goal Review

Few get as excited as we at The Shop do when new Brian’s gear comes out, and that is because we never know what to expect! In 2011, we saw the original, game changing SubZero Pro which became the lightest pad on the market. In 2013, SubZero Pro 2 came out, and although it was a bit heavier, Brian’s definitely made a superior pad to the original. Now, it’s 2015, and SubZero Pro 3 is here, what could they possibly change? A lot, actually. Continue... 0

THS Spec Custom Chest & Arm Review

Currently, we have four unique chest & arms at The Shop: Brian’s G-NETik Pro and SubZero Pro II; CCM Premier - Source Exclusive; and the Vaughn V6 2200 - THS Spec. Check out which one is right for you. Continue... 0

Brian's NetZero Goal Pads

Leave it to the Kings of Custom to design a pad that provides multiple graphic cutouts, in a range of colours, allowing the goalie to give their pads a custom look, without breaking the bank or waiting 10 weeks. Brand new from Brian’s, here is the NetZero THS Spec series Continue... 0

Bauer Supreme TotalONE NXG LE & One.5 Vintage Goal Sticks

Bauer describes the TotalONE NXG as their “elite-level composite stick designed specifically for butterfly goalies,” and they achieve this through the stick’s unique paddle design. Continue... 0

Bauer Reactor 9000 Skate Review

When you spend 60 minutes a game standing like we goalies do, the skate that you are standing can’t just be a great performer, it has to be comfortable too. With some nice upgrades over last year's Reactor 6000, the Reactor 9000 skate is the first true high performance composite boot skate designed to put comfort and performance together. Continue... 0

Brian’s Sub Zero 6.0 Review

One of Brian's more recent success stories has been the Sub Zero Pro II series, which is considered their "butterfly" style pad; stiff profile, lightweight and maximum coverage. Brian’s has taken these characteristics and created a lower price-point version, the Sub Zero 6.0. Continue... 0

Bauer Reactor 9000 Leg Pad Review

For this review we enlisted the help of Angelo Maggio from Magic Hockey for his feedback. With over 34 years of experience Angelo runs a successful goal school based out of Langley, BC and knows Bauer goal gear as good as anybody in the biz. Continue... 0

Bauer Reactor 9000 Catcher Review

The release of the Reactor 9000 series brought about a complete revamp on the glove design when compared to the Reactor 6000. For die-hard Bauer fans, the Reactor 9000 glove may look similar to one of Bauer’s most popular previous designs, the X:60, because it draws inspiration from this popular catcher from year's past. Continue... 0

Bauer Reactor 9000 Blocker Review

The Reactor 9000 blocker falls into a more traditional design, that is extremely similar to it's predecessor the Reactor 6000. It's blocker board has one of the last high rise flares available on the market today. Continue... 0

Vaughn XLW Pro Senior Leg Pads

The Vaughn XLW Pro leg pad has some special features built into it. It's a series that is exclusive to Source for Sports so you won’t see them just anywhere. Find out what makes this series great. Continue... 0

CCM Premier Chest Review

The CCM Premier chest is based on the Reebok P1, and has a similar fit and shape, it is a completely new chest. Additions such as D30 technology and extensive reshaping allow the CCM Premier take up much more space than its predecessor Continue... 0

Brian’s Smart Strap Toe Tie

This small accessory could have a big difference on your game’s performance as well as reducing the time required to gear up. Continue... 0

Warrior Ritual G2 Chest Protectors Review

Not only has Warrior pushed the envelope with innovation and out of the box thinking, but they are refining and improving the staple elements of their G2 chest protectors. Continue... 0

New Vaughn Velocity V6 2300 leg pads review

The 2300 leg pad, compared to the other two pads currently in the V6 line up focuses more on getting the maximum amount of technology Vaughn can fit in a pad. Continue... 0

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