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Bauer Reactor 9000 Skate Review

When you spend 60 minutes a game standing like we goalies do, the skate that you are standing can’t just be a great performer, it has to be comfortable too. With some nice upgrades over last year's Reactor 6000, the Reactor 9000 skate is the first true high performance composite boot skate designed to put comfort and performance together. Continue... 0

Brian’s Sub Zero 6.0 Review

One of Brian's more recent success stories has been the Sub Zero Pro II series, which is considered their "butterfly" style pad; stiff profile, lightweight and maximum coverage. Brian’s has taken these characteristics and created a lower price-point version, the Sub Zero 6.0. Continue... 0

Bauer Reactor 9000 Leg Pad Review

For this review we enlisted the help of Angelo Maggio from Magic Hockey for his feedback. With over 34 years of experience Angelo runs a successful goal school based out of Langley, BC and knows Bauer goal gear as good as anybody in the biz. Continue... 0

Bauer Reactor 9000 Catcher Review

The release of the Reactor 9000 series brought about a complete revamp on the glove design when compared to the Reactor 6000. For die-hard Bauer fans, the Reactor 9000 glove may look similar to one of Bauer’s most popular previous designs, the X:60, because it draws inspiration from this popular catcher from year's past. Continue... 0

Bauer Reactor 9000 Blocker Review

The Reactor 9000 blocker falls into a more traditional design, that is extremely similar to it's predecessor the Reactor 6000. It's blocker board has one of the last high rise flares available on the market today. Continue... 0

Vaughn XLW Pro Senior Leg Pads

The Vaughn XLW Pro leg pad has some special features built into it. It's a series that is exclusive to Source for Sports so you won’t see them just anywhere. Find out what makes this series great. Continue... 0

CCM Premier Chest Review

The CCM Premier chest is based on the Reebok P1, and has a similar fit and shape, it is a completely new chest. Additions such as D30 technology and extensive reshaping allow the CCM Premier take up much more space than its predecessor Continue... 0

Brian’s Smart Strap Toe Tie

This small accessory could have a big difference on your game’s performance as well as reducing the time required to gear up. Continue... 0

Warrior Ritual G2 Chest Protectors Review

Not only has Warrior pushed the envelope with innovation and out of the box thinking, but they are refining and improving the staple elements of their G2 chest protectors. Continue... 0

New Vaughn Velocity V6 2300 leg pads review

The 2300 leg pad, compared to the other two pads currently in the V6 line up focuses more on getting the maximum amount of technology Vaughn can fit in a pad. Continue... 0

How to apply Padskinz to your leg pads

Padskinz has taken the goalie market completely by storm, as it is a very unique product that currently has nothing remotely close to compete with it. Padskinz allows goalies to colour match any piece of equipment in a quick and easy process and can take a bit of weight off of your shoulders if that glove that is on sale isn’t quite the right colour - now with a little bit of work it can be. Continue... 0

CCM Extreme Flex 2 Leg Pads Review

We got our hands on a set of CCM Extreme Flex 2 Leg Pads early and took to the ice to see how they have changed and then back to the studio for close-ups. Continue... 0

CCM Extreme Flex 2 Catcher

Once again, CCM has added a great feeling catching glove to their line up. We got our hands on a set of CCM Extreme Flex 2 catcher early and took to the ice to see how they have changed and then back to the studio for close-ups. Continue... 0

CCM Extreme Flex 2 Blocker

The Lefevre family has a long history of designing sweet blockers and the E-Flex 2 blocker is no exception to the rule. We got our hands on a set of CCM Extreme Flex 2 blocker early and took to the ice and then back to the studio for close-ups. Continue... 0

CCM Extreme Flex 2 Stick

CCM has expanded on their goalie stick line up and we got our hands on a CCM Extreme Flex 2 stick early and took to the ice to check it out. Continue... 0

Turn sweat into energy with Bauer's Training Apparel

It’s a great time for fresh starts and new goals to get healthy; whether you’re a seasoned gym veteran or just beginning your fitness journey, Bauer's off-ice apparel training collection will kick-start your program in style. Continue... 0

Cover Your Neck

Serious neck injuries are rare but when they happen tend to be severe. So let's cover all the different set ups just to be safe! Continue... 0

Bauer Elite Padded Compression Base Layer featuring 37.5 Technology

Bauer's new base layer compression gear has evolved. The new goalie-specific pant is a must-have for maximum protection between the pipes. It's also ideal for anybody looking for a kick-ass base layer with some added muscle. Continue... 0

Bauer Retailer of the Year Award 2014

It's not in our store's DNA to brag but we just had to take a moment to acknowledge something great that happened to our store recently. Continue... 0

Buying the right stick

Although sticks are arguably one of the most important pieces of gear for forwards, they are often overlooked by goaltenders. Have you ever walked into a store and bought a stick based on... Continue... 0

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