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Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro Chest & Arms

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Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro Chest

Warrior has always been the company to do different things, and be different in many different ways; super light pads, removable palms, swag-filled Swagger sticks, and even bionic arms! Okay, well, mechanical arms. In fact, the mechanical arms on their Ritual G2 Pro chest & arm are very different. Plastic arm protection that is mobile because of hinges seems a little odd to be used on hockey equipment. Are they protective? Oh, yes. But, are they heavy? Yes, they are heavy. Keep in mind, the common narrative surrounding goaltending is that lighter means better, which isn’t true, necessarily.

In terms of size and mobility, the Ritual G2 Pro is a force to be reckoned with. For a chest protector, the design of the G2 Pro is just so different from the norm. Luckily, if plastic mechanical arms just aren’t your cup of tea, Warrior has a pro level chest protector for you.

Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro Chest

Classic design. Pro level protection.

The Ritual G2 Classic Pro simplifies Warrior’s approach to a pro level chest protector. This chesty provides you the same pro level protection as the G2 Pro, but without the arms. Surely, the G2 Pro with mechanical arms is great, but, like I said, it’s not for everyone. Being a company that’s arriving late to the party, they need to be different to gain traction and attract those of you that are looking for something new.

If you loved everything about the Ritual G2 Pro, except it’s arms, the Classic Pro is a match made in heaven for you.

Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro Chest

Warrior’s intentions with the G2 chest protectors is to unite size and mobility, and they do a great job of it. Large shoulder floaters maximize your size on the ice and really help cut off the angles for shooters. The shoulders aren’t necessarily tall rather than they are wide, thanks to the floater and two more shoulder caps underneath. The under shoulder caps allow Warrior to use less foam in the upper bicep/shoulder area of the arms, which increases the overall mobility of the unit.

Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro Chest

When it comes to adjustments, Warrior hits the nail on the head and offer more than any other company. With the ability to drop the chest almost a full size in length, due to the back adjustments, or move the floaters wherever you may need them, it’s almost like having a custom chest out of the box. Also, Warrior has moved away from the traditional side clip; instead, they opted for a Velcro setup that is much cleaner and actually offers even more adjustment as you are no longer locked in to a single attachment point like you would be with a clip. You can, of course, still adjust the tightness of the strap to get the exact fit you want. Once again, Warrior has come out with an innovative standout feature on the G2 to take another step away from the pack.

Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro Chest

You’ve got lots of options with this chest protector. One of those options is the extendable/removable belly padding. This feature allows goalies with a low stance to remove the extra torso length that would interfere with their waist movements, and offers goalies with either a taller stance or wear their chest outside their pants the necessary extra length for protection. The Ritual seemed to sit slightly longer than what would normally be expected (a medium would have arms equivalent of a large). Using the extensions means that almost anyone can fit a regular size, eliminating the need to special order a size large with medium arms, etc.

Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro Chest

The Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro is a very comfortable chest protector. While it does not have the arm protection that the G2 Pro has, it is still a pro spec unit. Heavy duty mechanical arms aren’t for everybody, and Warrior understands that their innovation is very different. So, if the G2 Pro is just a little too much for you, Warrior has you covered.

Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro Chest

On the other hand, the G2 Classic Pro is one of the two pro level chest protectors that Warrior offers. If, after reading this, you find that the Classic might not offer everything you’re looking for in protection, check out our previous blog highlighting its counterpart G2 Pro. Click to read.

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