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Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pad Review

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Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pad

Pete Smith and the team at Warrior have been pushing the envelope of goalie equipment, bringing innovative thinking to a position primarily based on familiarity, comfort and ritual. From extremely lightweight equipment to interchangeable glove palms, the Warrior team continually force goalies out of their comfort zones to find something potentially better.

The new Warrior Ritual GT leg pads are designed to be softer than the Ritual G3s, catering to goalies that prefer a traditional feeling pad. In Pete Smith/Warrior fashion, the R/GT leg pads are still designed with innovation and performance in mind.

Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pads

Geometric Torsion Technology

The most important new design feature of the R/GT Pro leg pads is the Geometric Torsion Technology. Torsional flex points are located below the knee, and the ankle. These flex points allow the toe of the pad to seal on the ice without causing the thigh rise to lift off the ice.

Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pads


Perhaps the most appealing part of the Ritual GT pads is their look. Warrior offers the R/GT in both a stock graphic and a Classic graphic, and they both look great. Warrior has done a fantastic job with designing aesthetically pleasing graphics.

Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pads

Flattened knee rolls are added for a touch of tradition, including roll spacers for small detailing. These knee rolls keep the rebound consistency of a flat-faced pad, rather than performing like rounded knee rolls, and they look great.

Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pads

Knee Drive System and More...

The GT's have some carry over from the Ritual G3's, for functional purposes: The Knee Drive System, 360-Degree leg channel, and strapping are features that contribute to the pads overall performance.

Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pads

The spacious design of the Knee Drive System (KDS) allows for unrestricted pad rotation. To ensure your knee centered and not directly against the leg channel, the knee stack is attached with solid angular HD foam. This design allows your knee to stabilize the butterfly, ensuring there is no over or under rotation. Of course, the spacious design makes for a comfortable fit for any knee pad, though it is specifically designed for the Ritual GT Senior Knee Pad. The R/GT Senior Knee Pads are included are included with your purchase.

Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pads

The Sling Wrap strapping consists of two Velcro straps, with one at the knee and one at the calf. The calf strap is quite wide at the base, to function as both a bottom and top calf strap would; the knee strap has a buckle to secure the knee in place, and can be attached across the knee or diagonally at the calf.

Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pads

Lastly, rather than a triangular calf wing like the G3s, the GTs have a rounded calf wing made with low-density foam. This design conforms better to your movements, and more specifically does not restrict you when going into the reverse-VH position.

Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pads

Final Thoughts

We’re now a few years into the ‘Lightweight Renaissance’ period of goalie gear, but lightweight construction tends to be an attribute more commonly seen in flat-faced, butterfly style pads. The Warrior Ritual GT Pro leg pads provide a great option for goalies who want something they’re used to, while reaping the performance benefits of a featherweight pad. With the Geometric Torsion Technology, the R/GT Pros offer a traditional feel with modern-design coverage.

- written by Christian Plain

Warrior Ritual GT Pro Leg Pads

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