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Warrior Swagger Stick Collection

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If you’re in the market for some new lumber, we have brought in four of Warrior’s newest Swagger sticks. The Swagger Pro, Pro LTE, STR and WDY are all available now at The Shop. Four different sticks, though…what could be different between all of them? If you’re asking yourself that question while you’re looking at these sticks, I’ve got the answer for you.


Here’s your guide to the new Swagger line up.

Swagger Pro

If you’re watching Jonny Quick, Ben Bishop, or any other Warrior goalie, this is the stick they’re using. While the Pro LTE has “Pro” in the name, lets consider the Swagger Pro the true pro stick. The ‘NHL stick’. With that being said, lets also use the Swagger Pro as the benchmark for quality.


A high performance foam core stick that is made in Finland, the Pro is constructed with a urethane RIM core inside a birch wood paddle. The paddle and blade are molded together, to create a stronger structure.


The pro strength deluxe blade and paddle feature an ABS tough strip face, as well as a heel insert, for reinforcement.

Lastly, the shaft is designed with a birch and aspen wood mix—aspen core for flexibility and birch exterior for strength.


Coming in at 884 grams (26” paddle), the Swagger Pro is a fairly lightweight, high quality foam core stick that is capable of taking a beating on the ice. But, don’t actually beat your stick on the ice.

Swagger Pro LTE

Made in Finland, the Swagger Pro LTE is, essentially, a lightweight version of the Pro. The lightweight pro foam core stick weighs just over 700 grams (26” paddle), making it one of the lightest foam core sticks on the market.


This weight is achieved by constructing an ultralight, thin paddle. Like the Swagger Pro, the paddle is also designed with a urethane RIM core and birch paddle; however, to reduce weight, the ABS tough strip is not in the paddle for reinforcement.

While the ABS tough strip is not featured in the paddle, it is used to reinforce the blade, including the heel insert.


If you prefer sticks that are very lightweight, but you don’t like composite sticks, then the Swagger Pro LTE is probably a stick you’d fancy.

Swagger STR

Made in Canada, the Swagger STR is about as tough as the country it’s made in. The STR is designed with a hard, thick paddle, intended for the brutalities of hockey.


As you can see, the STR has a laminate paddle with a large carbon block insert, as well as the blade. I find it interesting that Warrior interferes with half of their logo on the paddle by using the carbon block; however, it is a good way for them to show off the reinforcement in the stick. It looks kind of cool, too.

More reinforcement is added into the blade a full length blade bumper. This full length carbon ‘sole’ of the blade increases the overall durability of the blade; specifically, heel splitting, or chipping. It also strengthens the blade, making the STR good for directing the puck into corners or out of harm’s way.

If you’re a brute in the crease and your main goal with a stick is to see how long it will last, the STR is probably the right choice for you.

Swagger WDY

The Swagger WDY is Warrior’s classic: a traditional wood stick.


Considering how much heavier wood sticks are than foam core, it’s hard to reason as to why you’d get one. I do know one reason, however, and that is strength. These sticks can take a beating, making them perfect for those of you who buy practice sticks, or those of you who don’t like buying a lot of sticks.

This entire stick is made of birch, which is a heavier, stronger wood than aspen. The other Swagger sticks use a combination of birch and aspen in the shaft, to balance flex and strength. The WDY is all about strength, so no aspen.

Atop the birch is a glass laminate, to hold things together and reduce chipping. There is also a carbon heel strip along the bottom of the blade, for reinforcement.

Like the STR, the WDY is as strong as the Canadian that made it.

The new Warrior Swagger stick lines provides you, the consumer, with everything you’ve ever wanted - choice.

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